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Top Reasons to Adopt vs. Shop

Top Reasons to Adopt vs. Shop

Top Reasons to Adopt vs. Shop When Adding a New Pet to Your Family 

Adopting a pet is a fantastic way to make a new addition to your family. Not only will you have an instant friend and companion that will add meaning and purpose to your life, but you’ll be saving lives in the process. Every year, millions of animals end up in shelters around the country. Although some shelter animals come with complicated histories that require additional attention and care after their adoption, many others are well-adjusted animals who were simply the victims of unfortunate circumstances. Either way, adopting a pet means you will be helping an animal in need find a loving home. Want to learn more? Here are some of the top reasons why adopting a pet from a shelter vs. breeder is a great decision: 

You’ll save an animal’s life and give them a second chance to be happy and thrive. 

Every year, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter the shelter system, and nearly 1.5 million animals are euthanized. Some of these animals come from abusive situations and require special care and attention, as a result. But many others are perfectly healthy, happy animals that simply lost their homes for one reason or another. Their previous owners may have moved, passed away, divorced, lost jobs, or could no longer care for their pets. Animal shelters are full of a vast-array of different kinds of animals from different backgrounds with different levels of required care. Rest assured that there is an animal perfectly suited to your family at a shelter near you.


You’ll discourage unethical breeding practices & reduce the number of homeless pets. 

Purchasing a pet from a breeder or pet stores used to be a lot more common. These days many new pet owners are opting to find their pet companions at shelters. Adopting a pet from a shelter not only helps to reduce the population of homeless pets, but it discourages unethical breeding practices, such as kennelling too many animals in unsanitary, enclosed spaces. 

You’ll free up valuable space in a shelter to make room for other animals in need. 

With millions of animals in and out of the shelter system each year, most organizations have little space reserved for incoming animals in need. Adopting a pet is a great way to both support these valuable organizations, while also freeing up limited resources. Not only will you reduce the number of homeless pets, but you’ll free up shelter space for another deserving animal. 


You’ll get a pet that’s been prescreened for health & behavioral issues. 

Animal shelters perform pre-adoption wellness checks to screen animals for health and behavioral issues. These often include physical exams, dental checks, vaccinations, spay & neutering, microchipping, and training evaluations. When you adopt an animal from a reputable shelter, they’ll provide you with a full medical outline, including vaccination certifications. This will give you some understanding of what you might expect in the months and years ahead, as well as give you a baseline workup to take to a new primary care vet of your choosing. 


You’ll save money. 

Not only will you save money on health & wellness screenings, but you’ll save a ton of money on adoption fees. Breeders often charge exorbitant fees for their animals, while shelters charge a mere fraction of those prices. You may even get a few starter freebies, such as starter food, medications, or name tags. 

Adopted pets are loving, loyal, and appreciative. 

Adopted pets are some of the most loyal and loving pets you can find. They often seem keenly aware of their circumstances and appreciate that their lives and surroundings have been vastly improved by their adoptive parents. They show their gratitude in very special ways that only adoptive pet parents will understand.


The best part of adopting a pet is having a new best friend and devoted companion. Owning a pet comes with many rewards. They’ll keep you active, improve your physical health, and mental wellbeing. They’ll shower you with love and affection. And best of all, you’ll take pride  in knowing that you’ve made a valuable impact on the life and wellbeing of another! Consider adopting today! Find a local shelter near you. 


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