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Jovibowl Raised Feeder Elevates Mealtime for Tripawds

Jovibowl Raised Feeder Elevates Mealtime for Tripawds

Little adjustments around your home can greatly improve your Tripawd’s quality of life. The Jovibowl raised feeder is one of them.

Wyatt tries the Jovibowl raised pet feeder.

We discovered this unique raised feeder for pets when the company, Jovial Pet Products, approached us for a Jovibowl raised feeder product review. Since Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray loves to eat, we said “Sure!” They sent us a unit to try, and here’s what we learned.

Tripawds Eat Safer with the Jovibowl Raised Feeder

Dogs and cats were designed with four legs to provide steady balance. Eating on the floor is easy when their bodies are young, but when they get older and arthritic, or lose a leg, mealtime becomes challenging.

Cats need elevated feeders too.

Raised pet feeders solve this problem for three and four-legged pets. Raising a pet food or water bowl even a few inches off the ground can ease the burden on their bodies. There’s no more hunching over to eat or drink.

The Jovibowl is one of the most unique designs of raised feeders for dogs and cats. The stand height can be custom tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

And while the sleek, modern design looks lightweight, it’s actually quite heavy and well-balanced. Not even a brute like Wyatt could knock it off balance when eating.


Things to Love About the Jovibowl

  • A dog or cat wearing a cone of shame can easily eat or drink.
  • The slim profile can fit in the smallest of spaces in your home.
  • It’s sturdy enough to stay in place while your pet eats.
  • The bowl and entire station cleans up easily.

Facts About the Jovibowl

  • Removable stainless steel bowl holds approximately 17 fl. Oz / 2 cups of dry food depending on the tilt of the bowl.
  • Arm can be elevated as high as 15.5″ off the ground.
  • Adjust it as your pet grows. Can also accommodate the temporary needs of your pet such as: use of the dreaded cone of shame or E collars, recovery after surgery or accidents, etc.


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