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15 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs & Cats

15 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs & Cats

The spookiest time of year is upon us again! The leaves are changing color, there’s a chill in the air, and the scent of pumpkin spice fills every shop & kitchen. It’s fall, and Halloween is quickly approaching! 

We here at JovialPet would like to remind you that Halloween is not just for human ghouls! Don’t forget your fur goblins can get in on the fun as well!

To help everyone get into the spirit, we’ve compiled a list of 15 adorable Halloween costume ideas for dogs & cats!



A Pirate’s Life for Pooch 

Get your pooch prepped for a swashbuckling adventure in this adorable pet pirate costume. With just a few items, and a little craftiness, you and your first mate will be ready to hit the high seas!  How To: Dog Pirate Costume from Makezine 





Great Granny 

Grandma is up to no good this Hallow’s Eve! Disguise your cat or dog in this oh-so-adorable outfit for a hilarious look that will melt the coldest of hearts. No one will recognize your pup or kitten in their beehive hairdo, pearls, and handbag. Frisco Front-Walking Granny Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy




Ferocious Werewolf  

Beware the full-moon rising! This clever “front walking” werewolf costume for dogs and cats will have your friends and family howling with laughter. It comes complete with stylized fur hat, werewolf paws with claws, tattered plaid shirt and ripped jeans. Frisco Front Walking Werewolf Dogs & Cat Costume from Chewy




Martha Stewart

 Bat Outta Hell 

There’s nothing creepier than a blood-thirsty bat flying around the neighborhood on Halloween night. Follow this DIY tutorial for instructions on how to create these comfy felt bat wings attached to a custom harness. We love this easy-to-create, super cute costume! Pet Wings Bat Costume from Martha Stewart




Spirit Halloween

Lion King Cat or Dog 

Your pet is going to look utterly ferocious in this Lion King costume from Spirit Halloween. Watch your pet magically transform into the king of the jungle when you strap-on this fluffy lion’s mane, with ears. It’s bound to kick off a roaring good time! King of the Jungle Pet Costume from Spirit Halloween


Furry Taco Fiesta 

You can never go wrong with food-themed costumes! Turn your pooch or kitty into a taco fiesta on four legs with this no-sew, DIY pet costume tutorial from Faith Provencer. We think this look is hotter than habanero! How to Make a Taco Tuesday Dog Costume from Curbly 


Studio DIY

Smores Please! 

Your furry friend is going to look good enough to eat in this sweet s’mores costume from Studio DIY! Dressing your pet up as your favorite campfire treat is sure to be the ultimate crowd-pleaser this Halloween. DIY S'mores Dog Costume from Studio DIY


Lia Griffith 

Hot Diggity Dog 

Does it get any ‘punnier’ than a dog in a hot dog costume? We think not. That’s why we’re recommending this DIY hot dog costume tutorial from Lia Griffith to complete your pooch’s ultimate Halloween look. Don’t forget the ketchup & mustard! Felt Hot Dog Costume For Your Pet from Lia Griffith 






We’d like to submit this adorable avo-cat-o costume for your costuming consideration! Everyone agrees that avocado is good on just about everything, right? Right. We think this delightful avocado costume takes this concept to a whole new hilarious Halloween level! Avocado Avo-Cat-O Cat & Small Pet Costume from Etsy



 DIY Network

Witchy Wardrobe

Cast a spell on the town as you transform your favorite furry friend into a spooky sorceress of the night. Made from felt, yarn, and hot glue, this costume is a cinch to make. Your pet will look utterly bewitching! How To Make A Halloween Witch Hat for Your Dog from DIY Network




Buy Costumes 


Beware! There’s a creepy-crawler terrorizing the town, demanding tasty Halloween treats! Check out this totally terrifying DIY arachnid costume for dogs and cats. Fashioned from a pre-made poseable spider decoration and affixed with velcro, hot glue, and ribbon, this inexpensive, no-fuss costume is hard to beat! How To Make Your Own Spider Dog Costume from Buy Costumes 





Sloth Life 

Have you ever looked over at your pet lazily lounging in their favorite sunspot, nary a care in the world, and thought to yourself, “what a great life this little sloth has”? Let your pet’s inner sloth shine through in this adorable, easy-on, front-walking costume that comes complete with a cozy detachable headpiece. Frisco Front Walking Sloth Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy




Rocket Dog (or Cat) 

Send your pet in search of space treats in this irresistibly cute one-piece, front-walking rocket costume. Your pet is going to look out of this world this Halloween! Frisco Front Walking Spaceship Dog & Cat Costume from Chewy





French Chef 

Mon coeur! Imagine all the delectable dishes your pet will cook for you in this adorable DIY French chef’s costume from HGTV! The tutorial includes directions on how to craft a pet-perfect toque blanche (the quintessential chef’s cap) out of card-stock and tissue paper, along with a little red neckerchief. Halloween Pet Costume: French Chef from HGTV 




Pet Costume Center

The Executive 

Your cat or dog will be dressed-to-kill in this devilishly handsome executive costume. You can bet your pet will command the respect and attention they deserve while wearing this one-piece navy suit with attached collar and tie. Show your friends and family that your pet means business! Business Suit Cat Costume from Pet Costume Center


Wishing you a fun & safe Halloween! Help us celebrate by posting a picture of your pet’s costume to social media with the hashtag #jovipets! 


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